As more children and teens turn to the internet for entertainment, pop culture studios have become increasingly important in the creation of intelligent, high-quality content. The team is already creating a network of writers and actors and is incorporating stars from popular social media platforms as well as trusted names from traditional media like “Saturday Night Live,” “MADtv,” Disney, and Nickelodeon.

Named to several classic movie and holiday movie lists, “The Hebrew Hammer” has become a cult classic. Filmmaker Jonathan Kesselman ─ the writer and director of the first movie ─ is now bringing the Hammer back to the silver screen with “The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler” in a bigger, funnier sequel involving time travel and that expects to feature much of the original cast – including Adam Goldberg and Judy Greer.

Best Food Trucks (BFT) is introducing an all-in-one platform that helps food truck owners manage lot booking and customer acquisition – and helps hungry diners locate their favorite trucks, order in advance, and skip the long lines upon pick-up time

Handcrafts Hi-Fidelity Audio Speakers using the same woods and craftsmanship as can be found in musical instruments, Princeton Audio’s Site:1 speakers are individually tuned to take advantage of the unique acoustic properties of each hardwood and boast sophisticated, upgradeable electronics that deliver audiophile-quality sound. All of their products are designed, engineered and built in Princeton, Wisconsin.

Digital media platform for French expats and Francophiles covering news, art, culture, style, fashion, and everything that is French.

The Three Little Stooges movie features Larry, Moe, and Curly as 12- to 13-year-old boys. Anticipated worldwide release for Summer to late 2018 .

Ironclad Bourbon is made from Virginia corn, wheat and rye, with malted barley. The Bourbon is aged in new American oak charred barrels. Ironclad makes only small batch bourbon whiskey one batch at a time.


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