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Kuña Guapa Group

This loan is part of the innovative “Poverty Stoplight” program developed by Fundación Paraguay for women living in poverty. A loan helped a member to buy drinks, baked goods, greens, vegetables, meat, and other items. Fundación Paraguay has helped lift over 30,000 Paraguayan women and their families out of poverty.

Dialou Rails Suxali Sa Gox Linguère Group

The mission of CAURIE Micro Finance is to contribute sustainably and to offer microfinance services adapted to impoverished micro-entrepreneurs, primarily women, based on the principles of ‘credit for the poor’ and on microfinance best practices, all while investing in order to become financially independent. It empowers women in rural and suburban Senegal.

Florencia General Store

A loan helped to buy additional stock of products such as candies, detergents, condiments, breads, etc. in the Philippines. Funds will be used for community development projects such as a daycare feeding program and scholarships for children.

Nuevo Amanecer Group

This loan provides financing to low income entrepreneurs, the majority of whom are women who reside in disadvantaged neighborhoods or settlements around and in Paraguay’s capital.

Cañadas Group

The Field Partner is a leader in women's empowerment in Guatemala. Rubilia Arecely sells consumer products from the business she has in her house. She also sells fruits and vegetables, red meat, and sausages, and she has a small section of her store where she sells women's clothing.


This loan is part of Advans Ghana focus on expanding access to credit to under-served populations in rural areas. The loan will specifically target financially excluded individuals in need of funding to scale their business for sustainable growth and impact.

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